Technology for print service provider

If you sell print on demand of books for Publishers, you are in the right place

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On demand eco-systems in the cloud for printers in the publishing industry.

Complete and improve your map of services.
Create your own platform in the cloud.
Share opportunities with other players.
Use the last technologies and standards.

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Key points to think about

This is about print on demand of books for the publishing industry. It is an on demand business.

Who will like Rizzley?

Digital printing companies in the publishing industry are our clients.
Printers, Bookstores and Publishers are our users.
Rizzley is a hub to put in contact content generators with the market and, after the sale is done, with the supplier that owns the platform: "you".

Secure and private

Security is a priority for us. Users management, files and financial information are associated to different profiles of users for each account. And they are linked with their emails with option to add TWO FATHOR authentication.
Also, you will control the downloadable information of your clients in order to be compliant with GDPR..

Easy starting point

You don’t need to change your actual strategy before you learn how to use the full potential of our solution. Just start to use the more basic part of it to improve your relationship with existing customers.

Alone or together with others?

You can use a part of the solution or implement the complete solution.
You can integrate the offer of others, or others could integrate your offer, using the same control panel and protocols. Only a business decision is necessary.

Users and Roles to drive business in secure way.

Provide different users accounts with different roles and permissions to your team and review the activity of all of them in the system.

Control panel to Admin your Eco-system

Manage all your clients accounts through an Admin control panel. The result is that your customer will see how easy it is to work with your platform online.

APIs and Web interfaces

Technology Rizzley

Services are designed in Layers with independent integrations possibilities.

Most methods and actions you can find in all control panels are implemented through direct API connection.
You can offer to your Publishers, bookstores or your production plant an unmanaged integration, server to sever.
Our solution has been built using industry standards with best practises of implementation.

Do we send you a demo?

Plug in your production Workflow

API, hotfolders, XML and PDFs
Rizzley can send what you need to receive.

ask for a demo
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