Enterprise Eco-System
for Publishers.
Print and distribute on demand.

As their prefered printing company,
activate your own eco-system for your content generators clients.
ON DEMAND management for publishing and sales of books and ebooks.

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A hub of services for books and ebooks

Assets management by publisher account.
Customised marketplace of services.
Configurable Printing Network.
Distribution network integration.

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Main Features for Publishers

Our solution is developing every day, but you can enjoy the widest range of solutions ready to be used.

Multi lingual and Multi currency

We configure the language of web interface in base to publisher's country but each publisher will see the local currency of their countries until the payments.

Local&International Print On Demand of Books

Select between all the availables production centers and assign units to delivery addresses.
Shipping costs and tracking online in most of the countries is clearly an advantage for your users.

"Admin Mode" to have full control...

Use your "owner" access to manage all the accounts easily. Configure credits, review files, control orderstatus and more...

Digital version (Ebooks)

ePubs, PDF-ebooks, HTML5 and Mobi formats are available. Configure you Digital Rights Management options and those channels to use.

eDistribution with sales channel (Bookstores)

We offer a wide range of global sales channels and bookstores to choose from. Our network of distributors keeps growing.

Payments, Invoices and Bills online.

Online payment system with credit card and local payments methods, bank transfer, credit management.

Dashboards in "the cloud"

Always available online and fully responsive for mobiles, each customer can manage his catalogue from the office, a book fair, a hotel, a meeting, the beach... Easy and controlled way to attend de business.

You can plan how to manage the demand, but you can't plan the demand. I want to be ready to supply as many books as we sell without the risk of dead stock. This system helps us to think in opportunities because we will attend the demand with guarantee of profitability.

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Jeff H.
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Metadata & Files

Books are our final product and they are composed of files and metadata.

Books management.

Upload titles in any format you choose.
Similar versions can be linked to each different size, finishing and design to same metadata.
Keywords, categories and related books will be managed through the system using the international standards.

Secure Private Control Panel

We use high level security rules based in Microsoft policies and Google’s authentication technologies.
Our Core application is not Open Source and it is only managed by our own staff.
Each user has granted access only to his own Publisher’s titles and files using secure certificates.

Data Center and Statistics

See online and download reports of sales per country, channel, format and dates. Log of all orders, status, comments, etc…
All the information of your catalogues is centralised and at your and your clients disposal.

Right and Pricing Management

As part of the metadata, configure with an easy to use world map, where they want to sell the titles.
Apply a global retail price or customise some countries with some special prices. We’ll manage the currency exchange and taxes, to deliver you only the net benefit in the way of “shared revenue”

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Contact with us and ask for a free demonstration

We have developed our system thinking from the perspective of a company like yours. Please, let us demonstrate how well it works!

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Web and API interfaces

Integrate your Publisher's ERP to setup new titles, update prices and send automatic print on demand orders (machine to machine).

No human intervention is necessary, but it can be reviewed and fully managed through web interface too, including the management of interactions for claiming or file validations, where customer has the decision to approve or re-submit versions.

Our system allow you to consider that you have a virtual warehouse with unlimited stock. Manually or automatically, you can ask for units of different titles to different delivery addres, and we will select the best production+shipping cost for all of them.

If you want to send a package of titles to the same recurring list, you could automate this process too, avoiding manipulation at your warehouse and saving shipping costs.
Also, we can attend your distributors or bookstores orders automatically if you offer them to integrate our API.