Bookstores sell and
manage books on demand with Zero Inventory Distribution

Connect your platform with existing bookstores or create your own connections.

Alternative Text

DistriP@L Zero Inventory Distribution for Bookstores

Onix catalogue of book & ebooks.
On demand global fullfilment.
Automatic ordering and tracking.
Printed in your producion plant and/or globally.

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Main features for bookstores and distributors

Selling a catalogue of books with real Zero Inventory Distribution

Online Bookstores

Distribute new catalogues and automatise the ordering process with our API interface.
ONIX files include pricing per country, territorial rights, enriched metadata, cover, etc…
Check availability and shipping costs in
real time. Offer digital and hard copy versions of the same titles.

ONIX 3.0 updates

Rizzley will generate daily updates and a weekly complete catalogue customised for each bookstore.
Receive pre-sales information of future
titles to be processed and indexed in advance.

Printed on demand worldwide

For international orders we offer our global print network with production plants in all strategic places. Books will be produced closest to the delivery address in less time and against cheaper costs than traditional logistics do.

Physical Bookstores

Web Interface to enrich the local offer of bookstores with new online catalogues without stock.
Review wholesale price and shipping costs online. Confirm the shopping cart online before we proceed with the order.

Digital formats

Offer to bookstores a catalogue with thousands ePub and ebook-PDF format titles in different languages.
Publishers have the option to decide on Digital Rights Management (Adobe Content Server).

Online info, payments and invoicing

Notifications of status update, orders tracking info, paying orders or managing credit online all automatically. Download bills, lists of orders, review the history of each order, etc…

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API connection

Bookstores Zero Inventory Distribution

A prining service provider uses to receive orders from his client (Push orders), but you can build a system to accept orders from the client of our clients (Pull Orders)

Your clients (Publihers) can program the business rules (prices, profitability, rights, accepted channels...) and both of you can start to receive direct orders from the sales channel.
Save packaging, picking and handling costs with direct delivery to final destination (readers or bookstores)
No import taxes and no delays in those countries where books are produced.