About Us and the Print On Demand Platform

"Rizzley.com" is a SaaS solution powered by Avalanche Technologies

Passionate about books and how they can change the world.

Our Mission

A book can change the world. We built an independent and global solution to provide books wherever and whenever it is demanded.
A technology to merge our clients' local know-how with a world class solution in the cloud in order to guarantee availability for every demand.

Our Vision

We imagine a future where books are available wherever and whenever against local costs. Valuable content never out of date and alway available. A global network of printers that connect a local publisher with an international audience. Our solution will help printers to service their publishers and authors in discovering the potential of each book.

From the founders of Avalanche

For years we travelled and worked around the world. During those years abroad we discovered how difficult it is to get books to that one person, a professional or a community at a given time.

We lived in Asia, Oceania, Europe, America and have been in contact with professionals and communities from different parts of the world. Everyone faced the same challenge of books that they could not get on time. Publishers, bookstores and printers, you can find them all over the world but how do you manage to get your requested content printed and shipped on time and at local costs?

What if we could offer a solution to connect them with each other on a global scale?

We worked with magazines, books, authors and printers and we verified how poor the use of new technology was. If you wanted to print or sell a book internationally, it was done manually with phone calls and emails but for a publisher or bookstore this is not scalable. We had a vision to find a solution for this challenge.

We like to think that Rizzley, an eco-system in the cloud, offers all that is needed to get content printed and distributed all over the world on time and at local shipping costs. Let Rizzley make the difference.

Anton Smeele and Ginny Frets

Our History

"Avalanche" is a company build with a solid background, experience and on-going business.

  1. Acquiring the initial techonogy

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    We found a company that was developing something similar to our vision.
    Avalanche acquired the technology and formed an amazing IT team.

  2. First version of our Software

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    We finished the first version of our new software with the message "Create. Publish. Stream." Our sales strategy is based on personal contact in order to build our initial network.

  3. Growing the Network of partners and clients...

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    6 production centers, hundreds of bookstores and publishers are working with around 200.000 titles hosted in our system.

  4. Rizzley.com

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    A new version of our software is launched with a brandnew website and SaaS structure.
    We are ready to welcome printers all around the world. Will you become our partner?


Our Team Leaders

Meet our team that has created this unique solution

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Ginny Frets
Managing Director & Co Founder

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Luis F. Rodríguez

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Antonio Nieves
UI & UX Designer

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Jorge Asensio
Lead Developer

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Bernat costa
IT Analyst & SysAdmin

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