Print on demand of books.
Files Management
and Ordering Workflow.

Connecting publishers and bookstores to your production plant,
for the best print on demand experience.

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Virtualize your production center.
Print on demand of books.

Setup you production plant in the cloud.
Configure your papers, finishing and pricing.
Receive orders automatically.
Easy integration with your production workflow.

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Main Features for Printers

The automatised way to receive orders from Publishers, Bookstores and our global print network

API2print and Web2print

Customers can manage their catalogue of titles online through their private web area or have automatic access to integrate their ERP or their content management system.
Our APIs are ready to be used by your customers and bookstores without any extra effort from your side.

Business Sites and Users

Create individual users for your Operators, where you can track the workflow. If you own more than one print location, you will manage all of them with the same admin user account and web interface. Become part of our global print network and/or offer international distribution available as add-on.

Finishing cost grids and shipping costs

Setup your paper references and match them with our international ones, if you want to become part of our global print network. Configure formats, runs, and printing types. Define your available finishings and extra options. Manage price per page and per unit, all of them online. Shipping costs can be managed by zip code, service, provider, weight and tracking codes

Reduce Inefficencies

Reduce the manual intervention and increase the self-management by the customer.

Marketplace of Services

Include your company's professional services in the online portfolio.

Sales price, request for proposal, payment,
credit and invoices

Setup your general margins that you can modify Publisher by Publisher with proportional discounts per runs or specific orders.

How Does It Work?

Virtualize your production center for your clients' best experience

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Configure your eco-system

Implement your finishing and pricing parameters as your standard offer online.
Define your team to manage clients (Accountants, sales persons, pre-press reviewers...)
Upload your clients' assets in a bulk or just per case.


Alone or in good company

Decide when and how you want to interact with others.
Become a partner of our international printer network or you could prefer to offer only your local printing options.

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Managing titles, orders and incomes.

Alerts, tasks, status, downloable files, PDFs, CSVs, ONIX, email notifications, online draft proposals, online invoices, tracking codes, users, discounts, credit, activity log... You can see and control everything that is happening within your eco-system.


Improve your sales

Your sales team will enjoy a new and powerful argument to sell your services. It will be more clear that a print on demand service provider is not only a printer. It is a service company that will affect their core business and you are ready to help them.

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When the ball is in your court

Print of demand of books - API - Workflow - Web2print

After the order has been received in GPS, you decide how you want to integrate it in your “Production Workflow”.

If you have a system that can connect to ours, we will send the order with your language to your API.
If you have a system with “Hotfolders” and a defined “Production Workflow” based in the name of files, we will match your requirements. If you are able to process XML files on the fly, we will generate them for you with “Products” and “Orders”.
Or you could use our “GPS-BlackBox” web interface (it automatically generates Production Orders in PDF).

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