If you are a printing company of books on demand, then Rizzley will be your "eco-system" in the cloud

Cloud Platform for Printers is customized with your domain name, contact information and colors. Define finishing, price grids and margins. Connect with bookstores, distributors and other printers. Generate the invoices on the fly in PDF format online. Provide to your team with efficient tools to manage information. Register all significant interactions with your customer to track problems and opportunities. Download customers, sales, invoices for an easy integration with your existing internal applications.

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The "On demand" rules

Digital printing of books is necessary to print books on demand, but it is not enough.
The "on demand" business requires a system to share the catalogues, canalise the demand and manage the incoming transactions automatically. Whenever. Wherever.


As global as you want, selling and printing only in your company, local or global. Integrate our solution and choose to become part of our global print network.

Cloud-base Catalogue

Metadata of books and their PDF/ePub files are stored in the cloud, shared in ONIX files. The ordering process is fully automated for you.

Revenue Boost

You can choose to add global distribution to your services. There is a wide choice of local and global bookstores and eCommerce channels.

Print on Demand

Configure your formats and all printing details online.
Shipping costs are managed
by zip code, service, provider
and weight.


ebooks on board

Digital formats are part of on demand business.
An open door for new players coming in with ebooks, but they will offer print on demand of books soon.
With Rizzley, you could include ebooks integrated in your standard offer, as sales option or as a direct provisioning of download links.

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Profitable on demand business

“Plug in” your existing production workflow

The only one way to increase the profitability of short-run orders is to reduce the manual intervention and increase the self-management for the customer. Multiple alterations with customers, validation of PDF files, request of proposals, submit orders, extract files to print, shipping costs and control of fulfilment are significantly improved with Rizzley.

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